Sunday, December 7, 2008 1:00 pm Organizational Meeting
of the Broward Democratic Executive Committee (DEC)
(the Broward Democratic Party) at Millennium Middle School,
5803 NW 94th Ave., Tamarac, FL 33321

Members of the DEC

The following are DEC members listed by the Broward Supervisor of Elections as of September 12, 2008. This does not include eight DEC candidates who were tied in four races. The full PDF version is here. This list may include some who are not Democrats or who do not live in or are not registered in the precincts in which they ran. By cities alphabetically.

F014 Lisa K Aronson Coconut Creek
F010 William Bromberg Coconut Creek
F010 Janice (Jan) Cooper Coconut Creek
F005 Steven Costello Coconut Creek
F011 Mike Donovan Coconut Creek
F007 Patricia L Duaybes Coconut Creek
F011 Beverly R Engel Coconut Creek
F004 Marilyn Gerber Coconut Creek
F007 Elroy John Coconut Creek
F006 Esther Kesden Coconut Creek
F009 Vicky A La Porte Coconut Creek
F017 Rose Marie Lewis Coconut Creek
F012 Shari E Marcus Coconut Creek
F002 Margaret S Mead Coconut Creek
F002 Richard W Mead Coconut Creek
F013 Ann DePaola Mroz Coconut Creek
F017 Ira Rosenberg Coconut Creek
F005 Gladys Sagredo Coconut Creek
F004 Jack Shifrel Coconut Creek
F006 Lawrence (Larry) Wanderman Coconut Creek
F003 Gertrude Gert Weinberg Coconut Creek
F007 Carolyn A Wheat Coconut Creek
U008 Robin Tannen Bepler Cooper City
U014 Jonathan A Blatter Cooper City
U005 Alan Bleiweiss Cooper City
U006 David Donzella Cooper City
U007 Steven H Feldman Cooper City
U007 Heather Green Cooper City
U007 Mitchell Green Cooper City
U004 Linda Hall Cooper City
U007 Susan Juncosa Cooper City
U006 Laurie D Kruzel Cooper City
U005 Catherine Marie Leisek Cooper City
U015 Matthew G Lerner Cooper City
U001 Sally A McNeal Cooper City
U002 Frank B Mendola Cooper City
U014 Robyn Mosias Cooper City
U015 Anna Pincus Cooper City
U004 Ken Pomerance Cooper City
U001 Gary Waters Cooper City
E040 Lesile Adams Coral Springs
E037 Tiffanie M Anderson Coral Springs
E043 Sandra Bernard-Bastien Coral Springs
E028 Michele Billisi Coral Springs
E028 Vincent Billisi Coral Springs
E018 Anthony J Bock Coral Springs
E012 Marc H Brawer Coral Springs
E012 Susan L Brawer Coral Springs
E007 John D Bullard Coral Springs
E030 David F Carr Coral Springs
E030 Elizabeth "BethAnne" Carr Coral Springs
E015 Arlene T Chabus Coral Springs
E011 Brenda Charnay Coral Springs
E024 Daisy Coty Coral Springs
E038 David S Esposito Coral Springs
E030 Barry G Feingold Coral Springs
E039 Jay Feldman Coral Springs
E039 Lesley D Feldman Coral Springs
E041 Ellen L Friedler Coral Springs
E041 Paul M Friedler Coral Springs
E021 Iris J Friedman Coral Springs
E014 Jeffrey V Glickman Coral Springs
E014 Sharon B Glickman Coral Springs
E030 Lauren Grossman Coral Springs
M040 Ngozi T Guerrier Coral Springs
E028 Roberta M Horwitz Coral Springs
E028 Wayne Horwitz Coral Springs
E007 Kathleen C Hugins Coral Springs
E032 Doris Itzkowitz Coral Springs
E032 Gary Itzkowitz Coral Springs
E011 Roy A Jarrett Coral Springs
E013 Chester Just Coral Springs
E023 Ruth C Kling Coral Springs
E017 Andrew J Kohan Coral Springs
E017 Lenora M Kohan Coral Springs
E019 Marci Larotonda Coral Springs
E010 Chesna S Levine Coral Springs
E006 Jaemi Levine Coral Springs
E006 Mitch Levine Coral Springs
E033 Jayne Levy Coral Springs
E025 Sandy Lobel-Witlen Coral Springs
E019 Kevin Marchand Coral Springs
E005 Brenda S Mc Cray Coral Springs
E025 Keith S Mead Coral Springs
E018 Carol Nicome-Brady Coral Springs
E033 Jay W Pellis Coral Springs
E005 Michael Pennetti Coral Springs
E026 Susan Pignato Coral Springs
E003 David Reece Coral Springs
E027 Keith S Roberts Coral Springs
E009 Schylone R Russell Coral Springs
E040 Nick Sacco Sr Coral Springs
E010 Christopher M Stanton Coral Springs
E003 Rose Pucci Taylor Coral Springs
E018 Andrew J Weinstein Coral Springs
E018 Anne Weinstein Coral Springs
E020 Shelly A Williams Coral Springs
E022 Anne Grossman Yagoda Coral Springs
S005 Kelly M Brown Dania Beach
S009 Eileen Marie Finley Dania Beach
S005 Robert A Geiger Dania Beach
S004 Bobbie H Grace Dania Beach
S002 Derrick N Hankerson Dania Beach
S013 Joan Christine Hodgson Dania Beach
S008 Marsha Hogg Dania Beach
S006 Clare Matthew Pratt Dania Beach
S002 Curlie Reeves Dania Beach
S001 Alba San Lucas Dania Beach
S010 Monica A Sherwood Dania Beach
S002 Jim Silvernale Dania Beach
S002 Marilyn Silvernale Dania Beach
S004 Lee Vickers Dania Beach
T011 E Scott Allsworth Davie
T003 Eduardo Almeida Davie
T025 Gary L Arenson Davie
T025 Tamara J Arenson Davie
T018 d'Rene C Benson Davie
T027 Phil Busey Davie
T038 Mary E Carlton Davie
T001 Rosa Miriam Colon Davie
T016 Jodi Bock Davidson Davie
T019 Lisa L Del Percio Davie
T016 Michael Del Percio Davie
T030 Frank J Fiorentino Davie
T010 Randy A Fleischer Davie
T010 Gary Gargiulo Davie
T010 Peggy Garguilo Davie
T005 Nan B Gault Davie
T019 Jason E Green Davie
T009 Caryl M Hattan Davie
T008 Gary S Hensley Davie
T035 Joseph Kessler Davie
T035 Phyllis R Kessler Davie
T007 Barbara A Klemm Davie
T009 Dale Lopez Davie
T002 Ari Mandel Davie
T002 Patti Mandel Davie
T008 Nancy Kalikow Maxwell Davie
T018 Michael A Merolle Davie
T015 Marie Milord Davie
T028 Diane North Davie
T006 Paul J Prager Davie
T014 Gregg Sanders Davie
T035 Dianne M Sarna Davie
T027 Beatrice G Schwartz Davie
T038 Marvin Simon Davie
T012 Marilyn C Swank Davie
T012 Joseph Sylvester Davie
T037 Carl Trouch Davie
T011 Cynthia S Turni Davie
T014 Sharon Wishner Davie
A003 Patricia G Bender Deerfield Beach
A003 Robert L Bender Deerfield Beach
A008 Kimberly A Cardone Deerfield Beach
A023 Donald L Cleveland Deerfield Beach
A034 Marla R Cummings Deerfield Beach
A020 Mae Frances Feagin Deerfield Beach
A010 Regina Hall Deerfield Beach
A024 Beaulah Hill Deerfield Beach
A018 Rhoda Jarmark Deerfield Beach
A015 Sandra Jones Deerfield Beach
A023 Rose Ledgister Deerfield Beach
A033 Tamah C Lettieri Deerfield Beach
A014 Vicky May Deerfield Beach
A015 La Tandra Mc Clam Deerfield Beach
A004 Joleen M Minear Deerfield Beach
A010 Alphonso Nero Deerfield Beach
A019 Steve Nudelman Deerfield Beach
A018 Bernard Parness Deerfield Beach
A019 Kathy L Richards Deerfield Beach
A020 Justo Ruiz Deerfield Beach
A015 Terry D Scott Deerfield Beach
R057 Melissa Sue Abers Fort Lauderdale
R059 Suzanne Ackel Fort Lauderdale
R016 Teddy C Adcock Fort Lauderdale
R035 Peggy Adderley Fort Lauderdale
R088 Michael Anthony Albetta Fort Lauderdale
R076 Vanessa Alikhan Fort Lauderdale
R076 Zafar Alikhan Fort Lauderdale
R010 Mark E Allsworth Fort Lauderdale
Z035 Bobbi Alston Fort Lauderdale
R039 Corey Alston Fort Lauderdale
R036 Daisy Davis Anderson Fort Lauderdale
L027 Wilma J Beasley Fort Lauderdale
R006 Bernard J Beauregard Fort Lauderdale
R017 Arvin Normal Bielen Fort Lauderdale
R038 Margaret Haynie Birch Fort Lauderdale
R001 Linda W Bird Fort Lauderdale
R055 Edward Boreth Fort Lauderdale
R044 Karey L Bosack Fort Lauderdale
R029 Brendon R Broderick Fort Lauderdale
R027 Dawn Brown Fort Lauderdale
R041 Juile D Bruno Fort Lauderdale
L029 Chiddrick T Bryant Fort Lauderdale
R050 Barbara H Byers Fort Lauderdale
R048 JD Camp Fort Lauderdale
R079 Prudence (Penn) Canzoneri Fort Lauderdale
R049 Alana D Cappello Fort Lauderdale
R044 Robert Caro Fort Lauderdale
R016 Kristin Carter Fort Lauderdale
R055 Shirley E Chatham Fort Lauderdale
R087 Richard Blaise Cimoch Fort Lauderdale
R093 Rebecca J Covey Fort Lauderdale
R060 Elizabeth Deana Cucs Fort Lauderdale
R040 Ivory Davis Fort Lauderdale
R040 Mary Davis Fort Lauderdale
R045 Stephanie K Desie-Jean Fort Lauderdale
R007 Alfred J DiMaio Fort Lauderdale
R045 Bobby Du Bose Fort Lauderdale
R082 Hal E Eckard Jr Fort Lauderdale
D010 Bernadette Edwards Fort Lauderdale
R005 Linda R Eidinger Fort Lauderdale
D021 Donelda D Etling Fort Lauderdale
R037 Bernard Forgue Fort Lauderdale
R106 Donna M Forte Fort Lauderdale
R021 Sandra K Frank Fort Lauderdale
R087 Sheila Franklin Fort Lauderdale
R071 Brenda C Goodrum Fort Lauderdale
L027 Eva J Green Fort Lauderdale
Z031 Shakira Hamilton Fort Lauderdale
R015 Gwen Thayer Handelman Fort Lauderdale
R107 Marc A Hansen Fort Lauderdale
R009 Gretchen L Hasselkus Fort Lauderdale
R106 Aurelio Hernandez Jr Fort Lauderdale
R118 Emanuel Wade Hodge Fort Lauderdale
R063 Rochelle Horowitz Fort Lauderdale
L029 Lois Hutchinson Fort Lauderdale
R005 Ivan Itkin Fort Lauderdale
R038 Gloria G Barr Jackson Fort Lauderdale
D018 Linda S Jain Fort Lauderdale
R045 Alain Jean Fort Lauderdale
R105 Melvin Jenkins Fort Lauderdale
R067 Alexander Patrick Johnson Fort Lauderdale
R040 Antoinette M Johnson Fort Lauderdale
R037 Percy Lee Johnson Fort Lauderdale
Z034 Andrew James Jones Fort Lauderdale
R036 Christine T Jones Fort Lauderdale
R043 James Keating Fort Lauderdale
R065 Azim Khan Fort Lauderdale
R065 Safiah M Khan Fort Lauderdale
L022 Hillary Gabrielle Kraus Fort Lauderdale
R048 Cheryl Lewis Fort Lauderdale
R069 Linda B Lewis Fort Lauderdale
D010 Torrence D Little Fort Lauderdale
R024 Michael Lockwood Fort Lauderdale
R031 Edward J Loomis Fort Lauderdale
R039 Trudy T Love Fort Lauderdale
R021 Jose M Lugo Fort Lauderdale
L022 Nadezda Martinez Fort Lauderdale
R051 Jean E Mignolet Fort Lauderdale
R114 Ronald Dean Mills Fort Lauderdale
R036 Irvin M Minney Fort Lauderdale
R099 Erika D Mitchell Fort Lauderdale
R109 Nicole Montes Fort Lauderdale
R038 John Wesley Morrison Fort Lauderdale
R037 Dorothy L Mosley Fort Lauderdale
L029 Michelle Murphy Fort Lauderdale
R050 James Nolen Fort Lauderdale
R056 Dan Norman Fort Lauderdale
R002 Carol Osno Fort Lauderdale
R012 Susan Marie Paszko Fort Lauderdale
R116 Renee T Pera Fort Lauderdale
R116 Steven P Pera Fort Lauderdale
R028 Ann Perley Fort Lauderdale
R112 Dee Platt Fort Lauderdale
R054 George Platt Fort Lauderdale
Z032 Belinda Ray-Jackson Fort Lauderdale
Z034 Lawrence J Reese Fort Lauderdale
R052 Jeannine Boyd Richards Fort Lauderdale
R007 Mary Anne Robertson Fort Lauderdale
R022 Richard A Rogers Fort Lauderdale
R017 Dianne M Ruggiero Fort Lauderdale
D005 Maria F Ruiz Fort Lauderdale
R115 Tom Runyan Fort Lauderdale
R034 Delores Sallette Fort Lauderdale
R001 Paul Sandmann Fort Lauderdale
R115 Carmen I Santiago Fort Lauderdale
R073 Kimberly Y Santos Fort Lauderdale
Z035 Stan Saulsby Fort Lauderdale
R026 William G Savarese Fort Lauderdale
R020 Gail Sawyer Fort Lauderdale
R020 Paul Sawyer Fort Lauderdale
R056 Kathy Schauer Fort Lauderdale
R032 Steven Shires Fort Lauderdale
R013 Alan Silva Fort Lauderdale
R058 Lara Spaller Fort Lauderdale
R038 General Stanley Fort Lauderdale
H013 Tisha Stephenson Fort Lauderdale
R064 David C Svetlick Fort Lauderdale
Z057 Erik M Szpyra Fort Lauderdale
L028 Frankie D Thomas Fort Lauderdale
Z034 Sallie Bell Tillman-Watson Fort Lauderdale
R090 Dean J Trantalis Fort Lauderdale
R023 Sean Manning Udell Fort Lauderdale
R027 William Vayens Fort Lauderdale
R051 Terry D Vitale Fort Lauderdale
R023 Ashley Walker Fort Lauderdale
R029 Shelley Walker Fort Lauderdale
R011 Laurie A Watkins Fort Lauderdale
R015 Mitchell S Weisbrot Fort Lauderdale
R099 Henry C Weston Jr Fort Lauderdale
L028 Benjamin J Williams Fort Lauderdale
R036 David A Williams Fort Lauderdale
R012 Thomas Franks Wilson Fort Lauderdale
D001 Darren Bernard Wright Fort Lauderdale
R013 Margaret Zinnl Fort Lauderdale
Y009 Martin A Book Hallandale Beach
Y015 Josh Brown Hallandale Beach
Y008 Joy F Cooper Hallandale Beach
Y014 Grace H Davis Hallandale Beach
Y001 Susan Leah Dechovitz Hallandale Beach
Y006 Helene Firestone Hallandale Beach
Y003 Henry M Hahn Hallandale Beach
Y015 Janice Jackson Hallandale Beach
Y011 William Bill Julian Hallandale Beach
Y005 Armin F Lovenvirth Hallandale Beach
Y016 Misty McGowan Hallandale Beach
Y001 Anthony C Musto Hallandale Beach
Y008 Gerald Natelson Hallandale Beach
Y007 Sheryl S Natelson Hallandale Beach
Y013 Dominic Poli Hallandale Beach
Y013 Marlene Poli Hallandale Beach
Y010 H Thomas Pottier Hallandale Beach
Y007 Carlos E Simmons Hallandale Beach
Y006 Carlos Soto Hallandale Beach
Q010 Sherlene Connor Hillsboro Beach
V029 Sean Atkinson Hollywood
V037 Jay E Auerbach Hollywood
V007 Aimee Barusch-Vargas Hollywood
V032 Howard Braverman Hollywood
V032 Rebecca Braverman Hollywood
V044 Paul Braxton Hollywood
U013 Barbara Britzke Hollywood
V035 Alesandro Carrasco Hollywood
V029 Beverly J Chatterson Hollywood
V058 Murray Cohen Hollywood
V019 Lenora Coleman Hollywood
V067 Claire M Conde Hollywood
V016 Deborah K Cowfer Hollywood
V009 Thomas M Cox Hollywood
V045 William Coyne Hollywood
V020 James T Curci Hollywood
V063 Peter Deutsch Hollywood
V057 Scott Douglas Hollywood
V066 Valerie L Duzyk Hollywood
V030 Alexandra J Ferreira Hollywood
V032 Brenda J Fischer Hollywood
V010 Michael Friedel Hollywood
V004 Theresa L Funk Hollywood
V028 Victor Greene Hollywood
V004 Mark J Hanna Hollywood
U013 Joseph Harbaugh Hollywood
V034 Nicholas D Hargen Hollywood
V024 Pedro D Hernandez Hollywood
V022 Ulysses Jerome Hudson Hollywood
Q084 Beverly Hughley Hollywood
V057 Rosemary Inglis Hollywood
Q050 Jacqueline Jackson Hollywood
V094 Sharyn Lee Jones Hollywood
V058 Muriel H Kirschner Hollywood
V046 Frank M Leonardi Hollywood
V006 Debra Lynn Hollywood
V014 Doris W Mack Hollywood
V027 Petrina Marcus Hollywood
V012 (Mary) Siobhan Mc Laughlin Hollywood
V040 Andrea Schenck McKinnon Hollywood
V031 Ernest Michaelson Hollywood
V031 Janet Michaelson Hollywood
V008 Ryan Moffitt Hollywood
V044 Latoya Morris Hollywood
V052 Ann M Murray Hollywood
V025 Opal Murray Hollywood
V051 Vincent C Newman Hollywood
V027 Miguel A Orta Hollywood
V048 Madeline Osorio Hollywood
V032 Arthur Palamara Hollywood
V049 James R Palmieri Jr Hollywood
V053 Charles Pepin Hollywood
V055 Robert C Pickens Hollywood
V003 Diana Pittarelli Hollywood
V011 Marta Prado Hollywood
V013 Ann M Ralston Hollywood
V056 William J Rettinger Hollywood
T009 Roy Roberts Hollywood
V041 Andy Rogow Hollywood
V068 Eric M Rosenberg Hollywood
V001 Scott Rovenger Hollywood
V047 Frances Russo Hollywood
V018 Barry Sacharow Hollywood
V002 Lauran H Sandals Hollywood
V039 Howard A Schen Hollywood
V061 Robert C Shair Hollywood
V063 Erica Shea Hollywood
V068 Stephanie A Silberman Hollywood
V061 Eleanor F Sobel Hollywood
V010 Shelly Spivach Hollywood
V003 Alan T Stieb Hollywood
V028 Carolyn Still Hollywood
V053 Marie Suarez Hollywood
V033 Matthew A Tracey Hollywood
V006 James Valdata Hollywood
V007 William Vargas Hollywood
V071 Brad Voght Hollywood
V047 Gary L Waldron Hollywood
V013 Steve Werthman Hollywood
V002 Joanne L Willoughby Hollywood
V025 Joanne Witherspoon Hollywood
V025 Joseph L Witherspoon Hollywood
V015 Beverly R Zitner Hollywood
V015 Charles Zitner Hollywood
H013 Erik S Andrews Lauderdale
H002 Regina Renee Barnes Lauderdale Lakes
K011 Odessa Striggles Bennett Lauderdale Lakes
K002 Arnold Roy Bird Lauderdale Lakes
K004 Sandra J Davey Lauderdale Lakes
K006 Sharon Farrell-Samuels Lauderdale Lakes
K010 Tommie L Hankerson Lauderdale Lakes
K010 Allison S Harris Lauderdale Lakes
K015 Doris S Ingraham Lauderdale Lakes
K002 Gloria Lewis Lauderdale Lakes
K006 Byron A Maylor Lauderdale Lakes
K014 Gerard L Nanton Lauderdale Lakes
K006 Geraldine Peterkin Lauderdale Lakes
K009 Judith M Ricketts Lauderdale Lakes
K006 Larry Sands Lauderdale Lakes
K013 Janet C Thompson Lauderdale Lakes
K007 Deidre R Williams Lauderdale Lakes
K015 William Wolfe Lauderdale Lakes
Q031 Steven Blattner Lauderdale-By-the-Sea
Q030 Ken Evans Lauderdale-By-the-Sea
Q032 John Lord Lauderdale-By-the-Sea
Q032 Kathy E Lord Lauderdale-By-the-Sea
L019 Louis Alston Lauderhill
L017 Shidina Andre Lauderhill
L022 Hayward J Benson, Jr Lauderhill
L019 Karen T Blake Lauderhill
L004 Alan W Brown Lauderhill
L002 Gina Tatem Butler Lauderhill
L013 Rose Marie Dangleben Lauderhill
L015 Myrna Eisenberg Lauderhill
L015 Stacy Eisenberg Lauderhill
L015 William Eisenberg Lauderhill
L003 Gertrude Feinglas Lauderhill
L021 Stuart B Greenblatt Lauderhill
L008 Claudette Hammond Lauderhill
L025 Boby Harden Lauderhill
L011 Shirley Harold Lauderhill
L021 Margaret A Hawkins Lauderhill
L020 Sharon Hepburn Lauderhill
L011 George R Huntley Lauderhill
L016 Raymond Daniel Jackson Lauderhill
L026 Tom Roy Jenkins Jr Lauderhill
L007 Deirde Johnson Lauderhill
L025 Muriel L Johnson Lauderhill
L014 Tyson T Jones Lauderhill
K014 Marcia R Joseph Lauderhill
L029 Willie James Kennon Lauderhill
L014 Rose Kresler Lauderhill
L003 John Labriola Lauderhill
L008 Robert L Lynch Lauderhill
L008 Ruth Roman Lynch Lauderhill
L027 Lawrence Martin Lauderhill
L016 Anne Pershkow Lauderhill
L015 Paul Purrier Lauderhill
L012 Mary F Rivers Lauderhill
L006 Anthony Simon Lauderhill
L001 Barbara Stuart Lauderhill
L010 Otis Thomas Lauderhill
L010 Satura Thomas Lauderhill
L013 Willie C Thompson Lauderhill
L008 Michael Mike Todd Lauderhill
L009 Demetrius F Williams Lauderhill
L012 Shandease Williams Lauderhill
B004 Nicholas B Louis Lighthouse Point
B006 Susan D Murray Lighthouse Point
G014 Lauren D Bernier Margate
G007 Juliet Berternati Margate
G017 Arthur J Bross Margate
G008 John A Chonka Margate
G023 Claudette Clement Margate
G012 Joan Duggan Margate
G021 Helene Felt Margate
G010 Seth E Gelman Margate
G021 Norman Grad Margate
G021 Sharon S Grad Margate
G004 Marilyn Grossman Margate
G004 Sidney Grossman Margate
G018 Raymond C Hall Margate
G016 Michelle S Krug Margate
G015 Don LaRotonda Margate
G020 Carl H Mayes Margate
G020 Kathleen Mayes Margate
G008 Marlene E McDermott Margate
G001 Carson Ramsay Margate
G011 Dolores Schwartz Margate
G011 Frank R Schwartz Margate
G013 Bonita H Smith Margate
G003 Frank B Talerico Margate
G003 Rachel Anne Talerico Margate
G001 Harriet Walters Margate
G002 Linda A Williams Margate
G005 Cyrus Yonan Jr Margate
G015 Cathy Zaccardo Margate
W002 Roslyn Alic-Batson Miramar
W024 Anthony D Armbrister Miramar
W028 Asad M Ba-Yunus Miramar
W025 Robert Campes-Marguetti Miramar
W032 Heslop A Daley Miramar
W008 Deidre Douglas Miramar
W002 Ben Eley Miramar
W002 Yasmin S Eley Miramar
W004 Frances Fortin Miramar
W030 Rosalyn Frazier Miramar
W022 Harry Garcia Miramar
W019 Fernando J Gutierrez Miramar
W012 Bernice Marie Haynes Miramar
W011 Israel W Hepburn Miramar
W011 Phyllis S Hepburn Miramar
W006 Deana A Holiday Miramar
W012 Ayoade Olamrewaju Idowu Miramar
W022 Bacardi L Jackson Miramar
W016 Carlos L Jimenez Jr Miramar
W022 Adam Johnson Miramar
W016 Arthur W Key Miramar
W012 Sheila Lewis Miramar
W025 Deborah Marrero Miramar
W023 Alanna O Mersinger Miramar
W023 Max Mersinger Miramar
W018 Lyssa Beth Muir Miramar
W021 Charles D Murphy Miramar
W004 George Pedlar Miramar
W016 Valerie D Pigatt Miramar
W009 Magaly Prezeau Miramar
W012 Renese J Rhoden Miramar
W029 Joseph Joe Romero Miramar
W029 Melissa Romero Miramar
W014 Mercedes B Santana-Woodall Miramar
W024 Cheryl Steinlauf Miramar
W006 Cherrelle Sutherland Miramar
W025 Errol F Taylor Miramar
W013 Patricia G Williams Miramar
H005 Kenneth E Anderson N Lauderdale
H007 Cecile Comrie N Lauderdale
H010 Theresa A Johnson N Lauderdale
H004 Dorothy R Malone N Lauderdale
H001 Collin S Rigg N Lauderdale
H001 Judith A Rigg N Lauderdale
H008 Marlene Schwartz Sobrane N Lauderdale
H011 Willie A Woods N Lauderdale
D024 John Adornato III Oakland Park
D007 Paula A Alvis Oakland Park
D009 Robin L Bodiford Oakland Park
D001 Suzanne J Boisvenue Oakland Park
D011 Richard Brown Oakland Park
D023 Peter Caprise Oakland Park
D017 Adam Cohen Oakland Park
D007 Thomas A Cross III Oakland Park
D017 Judith L Freedman Oakland Park
D011 Karen Kelley Oakland Park
D014 Alma J Little Oakland Park
D013 La Quiette A Mc Crea Oakland Park
D005 Michael Murphy Oakland Park
D007 Roberta Murphy Oakland Park
D002 Bernadette Ann Zizzo Oakland Park
Q043 Kathy Buchko Parkland
Q043 John D Chang Parkland
Q045 Gary Farmer Parkland
Q042 Marilyn Leto Parkland
Q044 Jared E Moskowitz Parkland
Q042 Michael W Moskowitz Parkland
Q040 Sheldon Plotnick Parkland
Q045 Priscilla M Rogers Parkland
Q046 Earlean C Smiley Parkland
Q046 Roy C Smiley Parkland
Q044 Stacey L Udine Parkland
Q041 Mark Weissman Parkland
Q041 Roberta Weissman Parkland
Q040 Anita Yeates Parkland
X019 Daniel D Acosta Pembroke Pines
X015 Suzanne Allen Pembroke Pines
X049 Paul Amici Pembroke Pines
X014 Gloria Armband Pembroke Pines
X052 Terrance Elroy Rohan Banarse Pembroke Pines
X024 Martin Barusch Pembroke Pines
X023 Adele Berger Pembroke Pines
X006 Elyse Briefman Pembroke Pines
X038 Kathleen T Butler Pembroke Pines
X058 Jean-Robert U Charles Pembroke Pines
X003 Marie Alexandra Cornelius-Diall Pembroke Pines
X040 Elizabeth Mary Darwish Pembroke Pines
X032 Alfred Delgado Pembroke Pines
X025 Brian D Dillon Pembroke Pines
X055 Eric Domenech Pembroke Pines
X068 May Dropkin Pembroke Pines
X067 Robert A Duran Pembroke Pines
X001 Olatunji Isaac Faldodun Pembroke Pines
X008 Gail Feingold Pembroke Pines
X014 Lee Feldman Pembroke Pines
X059 Albert F Fink, Jr Pembroke Pines
X009 Elwood (Woody) Fisher Pembroke Pines
X048 George L Fisher III Pembroke Pines
X015 Howard C Forman Pembroke Pines
X044 Ann Gallagher Pembroke Pines
X003 Mark H Gomes Pembroke Pines
X027 Vikki L Gomez Pembroke Pines
X065 Jasmine Grant Pembroke Pines
X009 Bonnie S Greene Pembroke Pines
X030 Mohamed Krahim Hassan Pembroke Pines
X023 Joseph R Hecht Pembroke Pines
X025 Ahmand Rashad Johnson Pembroke Pines
X046 Anthony Allen Joyce Pembroke Pines
X030 Bonnyjill Klein Pembroke Pines
X059 Edna LaRoche Pembroke Pines
X043 Craig Merrill Lewis Pembroke Pines
X008 Al Lichtman Pembroke Pines
X050 Remonde A Lopez Pembroke Pines
X049 Elaine M Love Pembroke Pines
X017 Steven A Majka Pembroke Pines
X034 Sara H Marshall Pembroke Pines
X048 Jennifer P Mathis-Fisher Pembroke Pines
X021 Natalie Mayeri Pembroke Pines
X042 Lourdes Mendes Pembroke Pines
X018 Robert Michealson Pembroke Pines
X035 Carol E Miles Pembroke Pines
X025 Katrina N Moore Pembroke Pines
X039 Isadore Nachimson Pembroke Pines
X011 Susan Novell Pembroke Pines
X038 Maury R Olicker Pembroke Pines
X015 Frank Carmen Ortis Pembroke Pines
X011 Kenneth A Paulison Pembroke Pines
X037 Clair Perdomo Pembroke Pines
X016 Carolyn Pierce Pembroke Pines
X031 Raymond Pritikin Pembroke Pines
X055 Jennifer Elizabeth Rivera Pembroke Pines
X025 Regina Roberts Pembroke Pines
X057 Mark Romero Pembroke Pines
X027 Norval A Ruff Pembroke Pines
X017 Gloria J Sekowski Pembroke Pines
X002 James Shramn Pembroke Pines
X046 Iris A Siple Pembroke Pines
X054 Marsha Smith Pembroke Pines
X047 Marilyn L Soltanipour Pembroke Pines
X039 Anita Steinberg Pembroke Pines
X039 Noel Steinberg Pembroke Pines
X067 Cecile Elizabeth Stephenson Pembroke Pines
X060 Helen Tannen Pembroke Pines
X009 Ethel E Thomas Pembroke Pines
X023 Gloria F Tunick Pembroke Pines
X018 Kay Ultimo Pembroke Pines
X036 Besty R Virgillito Pembroke Pines
X036 Ronney RA Virgillito Pembroke Pines
X034 Glenn Waring Pembroke Pines
X010 Barry Jay Warsch Pembroke Pines
X015 Deborah Lynne Wilk Pembroke Pines
N010 Margaret Allen Plantation
N005 Emerson L Allsworth Plantation
N012 Harry O Boreth Plantation
N010 Alan B Brass Plantation
N002 Eraol Livingston Brown Plantation
N012 Cynthia M Busch Plantation
N004 David Ceasar Plantation
N027 Donnie Ceasar Plantation
N004 Jenny Ceasar Plantation
N027 Mitchell Ceasar Plantation
N023 Lori L Cervence Plantation
N021 Michele Charlesworth Plantation
N021 Philip Charlesworth Plantation
N001 Richard G Collura Plantation
N007 Joseph Composto Plantation
N029 Alan G Ehrlich Plantation
N009 Cathy M Ely Plantation
N026 Eleanor Forte Plantation
N014 Nancy Cowan Gifford Plantation
N018 Michael S Gimbel Plantation
N018 Rebecca Gimbel Plantation
M043 Craig S Glasser Plantation
N001 Carlton Golding Plantation
N024 Deborah A Green Plantation
N024 Martin B Green Plantation
N037 Donna J Greenberg Plantation
N037 Richard S Greenberg Plantation
N020 Russell Scott Holloway Plantation
N003 Harleigh R Holmes Plantation
N031 Zachary Horowitz Plantation
N007 Marie A Howard Plantation
N008 Gregg Huddlestone Plantation
N034 Rose H King Plantation
N015 Harriet M Klein Plantation
N015 Michael R Klein Plantation
N026 Bill Kling Plantation
N028 Lydia A Kurth Plantation
N028 Terry W Kurth Plantation
N003 Anne Lacroix-Vega Plantation
N030 Frances R Levinson Plantation
N030 Harold Levinson Plantation
N030 Michael E Levinson Plantation
N016 Paul Levy Plantation
N016 Sophie Levy Plantation
N017 Carl H Lida Plantation
N017 Joyce Lida Plantation
N011 Pamela F Marcus Plantation
N029 Darlene Marin-Zeitz Plantation
N036 Barry Marks Plantation
N036 Linda David Marks Plantation
N042 Frederick William McCrone Plantation
N006 Kenyatta V McKie Plantation
N035 Richard L Mitchell Plantation
N019 Helen Moskowitz Plantation
N042 Deborah Moyer Plantation
N039 Amy Ostrau Plantation
N039 Norman Ostrau Plantation
N020 Phyllis Polikoff Plantation
N011 Marvin Quittner Plantation
N019 Ralph Rickel Plantation
N015 Stacy Scandiffio Plantation
N030 Bernie Schultz Plantation
N031 Heather Schwartz Plantation
N009 Murray Siegel Plantation
N001 Marilyn R Spears Plantation
N001 Renee A Stanford Plantation
N038 Robert F Tropp Plantation
W007 Alexsa Vanderlinden Plantation
N038 Natalie Lauren Walkinshaw Plantation
N013 Nadja Wallace Plantation
N014 John Joseph Ziegler Plantation
C013 Roslyn Abers Pompano Beach
C027 Alan Lee Abram Pompano Beach
C027 Dorothy R Abram Pompano Beach
C003 David Anderson Pompano Beach
C021 James Anderson Pompano Beach
C039 Charlotte Badder Pompano Beach
C015 Gary Bitner Pompano Beach
C026 Phyllis S Botoff Pompano Beach
C047 Sarah Brown Pompano Beach
C034 Linda Bullard Pompano Beach
C043 Patricia S Costigan Pompano Beach
C020 Barbara Jean Cravero Pompano Beach
C017 Maggie Davidson Pompano Beach
C007 Vincent Paul Dixon Pompano Beach
C014 Cathy Donohue Pompano Beach
C014 James Donohue Pompano Beach
C052 Nikki Farrish Pompano Beach
C006 Velma Y Flowers Pompano Beach
C003 Joanne Goodwin Pompano Beach
C048 Mary M Goulart Pompano Beach
C012 Jessie Guido Pompano Beach
C032 Bette R Heidenrich Pompano Beach
C032 Marvin Heidenrich Pompano Beach
C021 Karen M Hosto Pompano Beach
C007 Valerie Hunter Pompano Beach
C048 Chuck B Israel Pompano Beach
H012 Nixon Leonard Pompano Beach
C007 Clarence G LoRay Pompano Beach
C018 Judith J Mc Kinley Pompano Beach
C049 Justin Mc Lamore Pompano Beach
C004 Marianne Miccoli Pompano Beach
C006 Marshelle Martin Moreland Pompano Beach
C027 Evelyn Newman Pompano Beach
H006 Jonathan A Okoh Pompano Beach
H012 Gail Marie Perry Pompano Beach
C027 Casey Pollack Pompano Beach
C002 Michael Emanuel Rajner Pompano Beach
C025 John C Rayson Pompano Beach
C025 Kathy Rayson Pompano Beach
C005 Maureen A Roberts Pompano Beach
A035 Maria A Rodriguez Pompano Beach
C034 Corey Seawright Pompano Beach
C017 Fred Segal Pompano Beach
C029 Wilma Silver Pompano Beach
C001 Lynn Simross Pompano Beach
C007 Chancey Y Singletary Pompano Beach
C031 Alice Annette Snipes Pompano Beach
C011 Maria F Soldani Pompano Beach
C026 Harvey Springel Pompano Beach
C024 Joanne Sterner Pompano Beach
C006 Vicente Thrower Pompano Beach
C047 Hector Varas Pompano Beach
C016 Cora Walls Pompano Beach
C055 Sara Watermolen Pompano Beach
C034 Samuel Wilson Pompano Beach
C029 Herbert Wurtzel Pompano Beach
Q020 J David Bogenschutz Sea Ranch Lakes
Q020 Mary H McCleary Sea Ranch Lakes
Q090 Betty J Braccio Southwest Ranches
Q090 Joseph F Braccio Southwest Ranches
Q092 Carolyn Lett Kennedy Southwest Ranches
Q092 Don Maines Southwest Ranches
E035 Kathleen Rosa Springs
E023 David Mark Sloane Springs
M037 Arnie Axelrod Sunrise
M005 Brandi M Banski Sunrise
M014 Katrina L Beasley Sunrise
M017 Carneci L Blackman Sunrise
M019 Leslie A Boucher Sunrise
M015 Tom Bryson Sunrise
M029 Daniel Buchwald Sunrise
M017 Daniel W Butler Sunrise
M017 Geraldine Butler Sunrise
M009 Louis Frank Caravella Sunrise
M019 Diane E Carcione Sunrise
M024 Rosalind Chappe Sunrise
M001 Denise M DeForest Sunrise
M016 Viviene Dixon-Shim Sunrise
M037 Barbara S Effman Sunrise
M025 Elaine G Epstein Sunrise
M013 Mildred Feldman Sunrise
M009 Imogene B Ferguson Sunrise
M033 Sandra L Ferguson Sunrise
M017 Rochelle Ann Foote Sunrise
M011 Daniel James Friedman Sunrise
M022 Laura Jean Fronczek Sunrise
M043 Lori Ann Glasser Sunrise
L009 Reginald Dean Gray Sunrise
M003 Doretta S Green Sunrise
M005 Reynaldo Guimet Sunrise
M038 Gail L Harris Sunrise
M015 Diana L Hermansen Sunrise
M032 Marlene J Hertz Sunrise
M030 Diana Hittleman Sunrise
M030 Mike Hittleman Sunrise
M042 Patrick Jabouin Sunrise
M042 Orepa Lealiiee Sunrise
M022 Andrew Wyman Lewis Sunrise
M006 Glynda J Linton Sunrise
M012 John L Loveless Sunrise
M007 Jacquelyn A McKoy Sunrise
M027 Eugene Merin Sunrise
M026 Steven Michaelson Sunrise
M026 Susan Michaelson Sunrise
M023 Carla Bryant Mitchell Sunrise
M023 Mark A Mitchell Sunrise
M010 Ana Dolores Perez Sunrise
M027 Shirlene Pitter Sunrise
M008 Sondra R Ragin Sunrise
M021 Sidney Rubin Sunrise
M027 Corey Alexander Shearer Sunrise
M025 Richard David Siegel Sunrise
M010 Benjamin Simon Sunrise
M018 Brilla L Smith Sunrise
M011 Gloria S Stein Sunrise
M027 Ceil Steinberg Sunrise
M031 Kevins L Stevens Sr Sunrise
M031 Vera M Stevens Sunrise
M021 Shirley Sumner Sunrise
M028 Edwin N Torres Sunrise
M029 Misty Valley-Buchwald Sunrise
M013 Herbert L Wilens Sunrise
J012 Ann P Bailey Tamarac
J010 Tamara Bell Tamarac
J026 Phyllis J Bie Tamarac
J025 Estelle Birken Tamarac
J025 Herbert Birken Tamarac
J013 I Morton Brill Tamarac
J013 Rita Brill Tamarac
J003 Dominic Church Tamarac
J025 Faith Dressler Tamarac
J025 Harry Dressler Tamarac
J016 Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco Tamarac
J030 Diane Glasser Tamarac
J013 Norma Goldstein Tamarac
J005 Janeth F Gutierrez Tamarac
J020 Barry C Harris Tamarac
J015 Martha E Lambert Tamarac
J021 Judith B Levy Tamarac
J021 Louis Levy Tamarac
J009 Patti Lynn Tamarac
J021 Donald McMahon Tamarac
J008 Edward C Portner Tamarac
J008 Helen Portner Tamarac
J002 Carol Rakoff Tamarac
J013 Leonard Ronik Tamarac
J004 Harry Rosen Tamarac
J004 Helen I Rosen Tamarac
J026 Adele Sanders Tamarac
J022 Arlene G Sandler Tamarac
J022 Marty Sandler Tamarac
J030 Joe Schreiber Tamarac
J030 Mae Schreiber Tamarac
J020 Julie C Shapiro-Harris Tamarac
J019 Elethia S Sinclair Tamarac
J011 Susan B Steinberg Tamarac
J030 Marc L Sultanof Tamarac
J016 Jack Talabisco Tamarac
J006 Stewart Stew Webster Tamarac
J007 Charolotte Williams Tamarac
J015 Harold R Zimberoff Tamarac
Q084 Carolyn M Hardy West Park
Q080 Kristine Judeikis West Park
Q083 Richard Robinson West Park
Q081 Lawerence W Wright West Park
Q068 Alan Awad Weston
Q071 Elliot P Borkson Weston
Q071 Mindy Borkson Weston
Q064 Barry Butin Weston
Q065 Gloria Chermak Weston
Q065 Murray Chermak Weston
Q078 Shawn DeVries Weston
Q063 David Feuer Weston
Q063 Toby Feuer Weston
Q072 Charles D Franken Weston
Q061 Ilene Glasser Weston
Q061 Lloyd S Glasser Weston
Q074 Arthur Goldsmith Weston
Q067 Angel Gomez Weston
Q062 Linda Gomez Weston
Q060 Shannon L Graves Weston
Q062 Harry W Levine Weston
Q070 Ronald Levitt Weston
Q066 Walter Luria Weston
Q068 Isabella Overington Weston
Q067 Theresa A Palmisano Weston
Q069 Anthony J Rubio Weston
Q078 Andrea Pip Sanders Weston
Q077 Amy L Selich Weston
Q075 John R Sorkin Weston
Q075 Robin S Sorkin Weston
Q066 Ann R Zucker Weston
P004 Stephanie R Blaising Wilton Manors
P001 James R Brauss Wilton Manors
P001 Sandra Brauss Wilton Manors
P003 Julie Cook Wilton Manors
P003 Jay H Feldman Wilton Manors
P005 Justin Stuart Flippen Wilton Manors
P006 Melissa Jayne Fojtik Wilton Manors
P006 Paul D Fruehling Wilton Manors
P005 Bonnie Lee Mauck Wilton Manors
P004 Timothy A Ross Wilton Manors


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Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge and ability this information is true and complete for the purpose infoming DEC members of general information needed to attend the meeting and to know about the platform and candidates of the Broward for Change slate, however, in case of discrepancies the bylaws of the Florida Democratic Party, the bylaws of the Broward Democratic Party, the Constitution and laws of the State of Florida, and Robert's Rules of Order will prevail.









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